Tired of the Resume Black Hole?

The resume black hole.

We have all experienced it or at least heard of it.  You have submitted your resume for over 15 job openings but never received a response from the companies, other than the automatic email to inform you that you successfully submitted it.  The job postings are still open, according to their website, and you meet all the qualifications listed in the posting.  Here are some things you can do to get noticed by a prospective employer.

Getting Through the Resume Auto Screener

Review several job postings for your desired positions.  Make a note of responsibilities that you see on the job postings that are not currently on your resume. Add them to your resume.  Only include responsibilities that you have actually done.

Look up keywords for your desired positions, such as SharePoint, GAAP or project management.  Create a section at the top of your resume with these keywords and sprinkle them throughout your resume by placing them in your explanation of duties for your current and past positions, where applicable.

Start Your Resume with a Bang

Keep in mind that recruiters often get so inundated with resumes that they spend only a few seconds scanning each one.  Make sure your resume is not too lengthy and that all information pertinent to the positions you are applying for is noticeable and on the first page. You can play around with formatting options such as bolding or highlighting key points.

Consider Creative Resume Formats

Try a different approach to sending your resume.  Consider placing a very brief summary of your qualifications on the wrapper of a candy bar, a resume bar.  You could also print the summary on a postcard or place your resume in a picture frame and mail it to the Human Resources department.

Use Your Networking to Deliver Your Resume

Find someone who works inside the company to submit your resume as an employee referral.  LinkedIn is a great tool for this.  This could be a benefit for both parties because a lot of companies have a lucrative employee referral bonus program.  Be ready to prove to the employee that you are a great candidate because they may be leery of referring someone they don’t know.

Add Staffing Agencies to Your Network

Contact staffing agencies, in the vicinity of your targeted company, and ask the agency recruiter if they would be willing to submit your resume for the desired position.  Agency recruiters have already established a relationship with hiring managers or the Human Resources Department so they can help get your resume noticed.

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