Strengthening Your Bond with Your Boss

Boss Relationship

There is a lot of research indicating that employees’ relationship with their boss affects their job satisfaction and how long they work for the company.  I always coach my clients to accept the fact that, although it may not always be a good idea to stay at one company for a long time, if they want to grow it is important to display some “stick-to-itivness”.  In other words, jumping from job to job inside and outside of the same company should be strategically timed so you don’t give the impression that you lack dedication and focus.  I recommend that people stay in each role for at least 2 years.  If you don’t love your boss those 2 years can feel like an eternity so why not find ways to strengthen your relationship with your boss?

Strengthening Tactics

Be sure to keep your boss updated on challenges and potential problems so he won’t feel caught off guard.

Schedule one-on-one meetings with your manager.  Start these meetings with regular conversation that is not work related.  Ask how your manager what he has done for fun lately.

Let your manager know that you appreciate when he gives you constructive feedback that you can use to make improvements.  Ask for his assistance finding ways to resolve performance or relationship issues.

Be thought-provoking and offer different approaches for departmental challenges. Your manager will eventually feel more comfortable coming to you to for brainstorming sessions.

Raise your hand to help someone else in the department or represent your department in organization-wide events.

Ask questions that show your knowledge of the overall company objectives.

Show your authentic side.  Managers often feel that they have to remain in constant “manager-mode”.  But they are human and often need to feel comfortable showing their human side.  Study your manager’s personality and leadership style and find ways to mesh it with your own.

Pay your manager a compliment in a group setting, without sounding like a “teacher’s-pet”.  Because of their role managers often are not eligible for company awards but managers like to be acknowledged for the good things they do as well.

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