Outplacement Services

I partner with organization leaders to provide coaching on: job search, dealing with change, skills assessment and improvement, interviewing, resume writing and much more.

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Employee Development Workshops

Through a series o mentoring and training I work with employees to help improve skills necessary for them to excel in their job and career.

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Career Management & Empowerment

I work with individuals to ensure that they are in full control of their career progression. We will work together to assess your current progression as well as create and implement a strategic career plan to meet your goals.

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Job Search Training

I work closely with each employee to help them create and implement a strategic job search plan. This includes finding and pursuing additional types of roles that match skills and experience, finding the best companies to target as well as creating a creative way to market your skills.

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Resume Writing

Resume writing services include:

Critique of existing resume and advice

Enhancing existing resume

Creation of standard and creative resumes

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Career Coaching

Situational Coaching: I provide coaching to employees and managers to help them work through particularly challenging situations.

Team Coaching: I coach new and existing teams as well as cross-functional teams that are working to understand and define roles and goals in order to work more cohesively.

Performance Coaching: I help employees identify and improve areas of opportunity as well as high-potential employees who want to advance.

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Skills Improvement

Conduct various skills assessments and provide tools and coaching to help employees improve their skill set and make them more marketable in the job market and in their current role.

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Succession Planning

Partner with managers and organizational leaders to implement strategic replacement plans for key positions in order to ensure that the company remains successful in the even that a key player leaves.

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Professionals can develop at their own pace through my series of E-Courses which focus on:

Job Search

Advancing in Your Career

Overcoming Career Obstacles

Career Networking

and Much More...

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