Fall In Love with Your Job Again

Fall Back in Love with Your Job

Humans need to be challenged and constantly learning, so it is not surprising that the longer you work in the same position the more likely you are to get bored.  Does this mean you have to quit your job every time you find yourself in a rut? Of course not!  There are plenty of ways you can fall in love with your job again.

Work in Different Locations (if possible)

Perhaps you can work from home a couple days a week.  If your company has another, nearby, office see if you can work from there one week a month, which will expose you to new people.  If there is only one office ask your manager if you can visit a client from time to time.

Find New Ways to Do Your Job

Make a list of challenges you have faced in your everyday tasks.  Include any departmental challenges.  Research and implement improvements in processes and tools, such as reports, to resolve these challenges.  Meet with people in other departments who are affected by the work you and your department performs.  Once you find some realistic solutions present it to your manager and your coworkers then offer to train them on the new system of improvements.  People are often so caught up in their own work that they rarely take time to fix issues, until it is too late.

Attend Meetings Outside of Your Department

Most organizations hold cross-departmental meetings to simply brainstorm and share updates on company news.  Ask your manager if you can take her place in these meetings.  This will allow you feel more connected to the company’s overall objectives which can increase your sense of purpose.

Cross-Train in a Different Department

Ask your manager to help you find opportunities to cross-train in a different department. This is a great way to expose yourself to other employees and challenges.  Cross-training is a win-win for both departments because it allows your department to keep you engaged and provides a fresh perspective to the receiving department’s projects.

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