Are Your Monday Morning Blues Seeping Into Sunday Evening?

Monday Morning Blues

You know that feeling you get at 6 AM on Monday morning when you have to drag yourself out of bed and get yourself ready for work?  Sometimes it can be the most depressing moment of the week.  Some of us have noticed that sinking feeling starts to creeps in on Sunday night. Many people fantasize about a 4-day work week to alleviate this feeling but that would just delay the depression until Tuesday morning. It is not the day of the week that we have a problem with; it is simply the fact that our freedom has ended and we must now get back into robot mode at work.  The past 10 years of career coaching has revealed to me how many people, in various levels, are miserable at work.  Many of them blame their boss or their coworkers for their misery.  Some claim to be bored or express feelings similar to professional claustrophobia.

Professional Claustrophobia

I define professional claustrophobia as a feeling of being kept in the same role, performing the same mundane tasks, turning in the same redundant reports with no challenges. I would wager that the majority of workers feel stuck in their current role, at least one time in their career.  After-all, if you do the same exact thing every day for 5 days a week, 50 weeks out of the year, you are almost guaranteed to get bored.

Should you leave your growth, satisfaction and overall happiness completely in the hands of your boss and coworkers?  Of course not. If your work life is boring, find ways to excite your personal life.  If your work life is hectic, focus on relaxation in your personal life.

Keep Your Job in Perspective

Keep in mind that your job is simply one part of you.  It does not completely define you.  You are in charge of your own career and happiness.  If your job is boring, look for ways you can spice it up.  Ask your manager if you can cross-train in a different department.  Volunteer to spearhead the next major project. Interview one of the senior leaders in your organization and ask him to be your mentor.  Make a list of some of the major challenges facing your department or your organization and offer to create a team to resolve them.

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