Individualized Coaching

I work closely with professionals to help them create and implement a strategic job search and career management plan. This service is best for employees who are unhappy with their current career path and want to either: find a job, transition their career, get promoted or improve their performance.

Career Development Workshops

I work with groups to ensure that they are growing in their careers, achieving their full potential, building their employability and taking full control of their destiny.

Outplacement Support

Laying off employees can be a very emotionally charged process for affected employees, managers who have to deliver the bad news and even employees who will remain with the company. I partner with organization leaders to provide coaching on: job search, skills improvement, career management and dealing with change.

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Business Services

Career Coaching (Situational, Performance, Team)

Outplacement Assistance

Skills-Gap Assessment

Career Development Workshops

Candidate Pipeline Building

Employee Development

Succession Planning

Developing Recruitment Campaigns

Implementing Selection Tools

and Much More

Individual Services

Progress at Your Own Pace Using E-Courses

As a Career Coach, Kenya works closely with people who are finally ready to become the master of their own careers.

As a Personal and Career Development Workshop Leader, Kenya leads empowering workshops to inspire and equip individuals with the skills they need to enhance their personal and career development and increase employability.

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